UAG Civilian - Black - iphone 12 mini 5.4

UAG Civilian - Black - iphone 12 mini 5.4

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Description of product


Civilian Series cases are engineered with our HyperCush technology to dampen and disperse the energy created when a mobile device collides with another surface. Simply put, it cushions your precious phone when it slips out of your grip. Civilian is a modern rugged phone case for the modern wanderer.

Key Features

For the Nonconformist
Disrupt the norm and liberate your phone with the stunningly sleek and lightweight Civilian Series. A case designed to stand out among the noise of the daily hustle.

Protection Reimagined
The Civilian Series was designed for individuals looking for something unique yet well built - a modest design with bold hints of superior protection.

Hypercush Technology
Never second guess the protection of your case with UAG’s lab-tested HyperCush Technology. Engineered with a multi-layer shock-absorbing construction to disperse energy from impact and lessen the forces transferred to your device. HyperCush Technology meets the Military Drop Test Standards.

Specifications :

Accessory typeCases/covers
iPhone compatibleYes
Phone CompatibilityiPhone 12 mini
Manufacturer's warranty1 Year