Tech21 Pure Clear - Clear - iphone 12 mini 5.4

Tech21 Pure Clear - Clear - iphone 12 mini 5.4

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Description of product


A completely clear case that gives you the chance to admire the sublime beauty of your iPhone’s original design. This hygienically clean case protects your iPhone – and its camera – in every way while the in-built UV-resistant materials ensure it won’t yellow or discolour in sunlight.

10ft/3m Impact Protection
As tested by our scientists, this clear and compact case will protect your phone from drops and scratches.

Built-In Hygienic Protection
Made with a material that helps keep your case clean by reducing microbes by up to 99.99%.

Totally Transparent
This slim phone case will never fade or yellow in the sunlight.

The unique, self-healing design of this case fully protects against scratches.

Features :

  • Drop protection: 10ft (3m)
  • Built-in formula reduces microbes by up to 99.99%
  • Totally transparent
  • UV-resistant – no yellowing