Sunbeam Verve 62 Urban Steam Iron - Blue

Sunbeam Verve 62 Urban Steam Iron - Blue

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Description of product

Make tedious ironing tasks a lot easier with the Sunbeam SR6250 Platinum Iron. Equipped with dual steam chambers and a CeraFlow soleplate, this iron lets you smooth out stubborn creases quickly.

Key Features

The Sunbeam SR6250 Platinum Iron comes with dual steam chambers, which deliver optimised steam pressure that deeply penetrates your clothes’ fabric.

For safer handling and storage, the SR6250 Platinum Iron utilises the Safe-store system. Safe-store automatically changes the heat strip’s colour from red to black, so you’ll know when the iron is safe to handle.

This Sunbeam Iron is reinforced with a durable CeraFlow soleplate for seamless gliding across most types of fabric.