Sunbeam High Performance Power Blender

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Description of product

The Sunbeam High Performance Power Blender can knead, grind, mill, chop, juice, and blend different food ingredients smoothly, making it a versatile kitchen equipment for preparing a variety of dishes. Key Features With an all-metal drive and a 1500W motor, the Sunbeam High Performance Power Blender provides great durability and continuous blending performance to power through tough ingredients. Using 6-point sharpened steel blades, this high-performance power blender can reach cyclonic speeds of up to 400km per hour, so you can quickly and smoothly blend ingredients. This power blender offers 3 pre-programmed functions to adapt to your blending requirements. Its Soup function allows you to finely blend ingredients while heating for convenient preparation. Long-lasting, safe to use, and easy to clean, the Sunbeam High Performance Power Blender’s Tritan™ mixing jug is impact-resistant, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe.