Selfie - Wireless Selfie Stick and Tripod 2 in 1

Selfie - Wireless Selfie Stick and Tripod 2 in 1

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The 3-in-1 wireless Bluetooth selfie stick with built-in remote control allows you to take selfies, and you can also separate the controllers for group photos such as parties, graduations, weddings, and travel. The remote control is located next to the selfie stick. It can be taken out of the holder on the selfie stick for independent use.

This is not only a selfie stick, but also a tripod stand.

Our selfie stick integrates a monopod and a tripod, and comes with a detachable Bluetooth remote control, which can perfectly help you take photos at a distance of 33 feet. Suitable for different situations, such as taking selfies, group photos or shooting videos in situations such as travel, party, graduation, life, face to face, etc.

Clever 4-in-1 design

Not only can be used as a selfie stick, but also as a tripod! The tripod function helps free your hands and provides excellent stability for videos/pictures. You can easily record videos or make calls with friends. A wonderful way to turn your phone/gopro into a perfect camera and take shooting to a higher level.

Stable and fast enough-including 7 expandable parts, up to 75 cm long, allowing you to get a wider field of view.


Aluminum alloy tripod with non-slip foot pads-Helps the tripod legs not to slide, so the tripod can record videos more stably or face-to-face time with family or friends through the remote control.

7.87 inches folded size and up to 26.6 inches extended length, 5.47 ounces weight, light and compact, allowing you to take it with you; 3 ways to rotate the selfie stick, 225° rotating clip with adjustable knob + 360° rotating phone Bracket + 360° rotating head to ensure that you can capture the best angle when taking selfies.



Size:38 x 40 x186~700mm