OtterBox Defender iPhone 11 Pro Gone Fishin

OtterBox Defender iPhone 11 Pro Gone Fishin

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Guard your iPhone with the legendary Defender Series Screenless Edition. The rugged OtterBox Defender Case iPhone 11 Pro offers multi-layer defense plus port covers to keep out dirt and dust. With direct screen access, a non-slip grip and an included holster, it is built to stand up to everyday adventures.


  • Multi-layer defense: inner hard shell, outer slipcover and holster
  • Screenless: type, tap and swipe with direct access to your screen
  • Port covers: prevent dirt, dust and lint from clogging jacks and ports
  • Holster: functions as a swiveling belt clip and a hands-free kickstand


  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Synthetic rubber slipcover
  • Polycarbonate holster

Environmental Protection:
The Defender Case iPhone 11 Pro provides added protection against drops, bumps and shock