LG 42L 1200W Microwave Touch Control Blk S/S

LG 42L 1200W Microwave Touch Control Blk S/S

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This LG microwave oven features 1200 watts of power and a 42 litre capacity. It has a 360mm turntable diameter, allowing you to defrost multiple cuts of frozen meat. Settle cooking time dilemmas once and for all with the LG MS4266OBS's 22 cook menus. Its 4 defrost options let you evenly defrost beef mince and other frozen foods. The LG microwave oven has 10 power levels, so you can choose high power cooking for boiling and low power for softening butter. Also, kiss overcooked edges goodbye with its inverter. The microwave oven's auto sensor enables you to warm stew to perfection. It has a touch control panel, so you can auto-cook potatoes, fresh vegetables and more. Also, this LG microwave oven has a black glass finish. It has a 540mm width, a 310mm height, and a 434mm depth. Reheat leftovers quickly thanks to this LG microwave oven