F&P 266L 60cm Fully Integrated Bottom Mount Fridge

F&P 266L 60cm Fully Integrated Bottom Mount Fridge

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ACTIVESMART™ FOODCARE - ActiveSmart™ Food care learns how you live. It’s technology which understands how you use your refrigerator and adjusts temperature, airflow and humidity inside to help keep food fresher for longer.

SIMPLE STORAGE - This freezer is designed to make it simple for you to store, access and remove food. Storage bins give you full access when open and they can be easily removed to clean. Our flexible shelving also gives you more storage options.

EASY CLEANING - Spill-safe secure glass shelves easily capture any drips or leaks and prevent them from falling on items below.

VARIABLE TEMPERATURE DRAWER - The variable temperature drawer is designed to allow optimal storage of fresh meat, produce, deli and dairy products at their ideal temperatures. Operating separately from the fridge and freezer, the drawer can be set at a temperature between -5°C and 3°C, with 3°C ideal for fruit and vegetables, -1.1°C perfect for fresh meats, and -3°C for fast chilling. Helping to keep your food fresher for longer.

FAST FREEZING - When freezing fresh food, the freshness, texture and taste are retained with rapid freezing. The fast freeze function boosts the freezing speed by dropping the freezer to its coldest temperature (-24°C) for 12 hours, ensuring food is fast and fully frozen. Plus, you never need to worry about defrosting your fridge with the built-in frost-free function.

EASY INSTALLATION - Our integrated products are easy to install, whether you are renovating your kitchen or designing a new one. They are designed for minimal gaps with adjustable door panels that can be customised to match your kitchen.

BEAUTIFUL LIGHTING - Bright LEDs light up the ceiling, shelves, bins and tray in both refrigerator and freezer, making it easy to find your food and creating a welcoming glow in your kitchen for those midnight snacks.


Height - 1773mm

Width - 555mm

Depth - 544mm


Freezer - 62L

Refrigerator - 163L

Total gross capacity - 266L


Energy usage - 237kWh/year


Parts and labour - 2 years

Sealed system parts only – 5 years

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