Electrolux Pure F9 FlexLift Cordless Vacuum - Indigo Blue

Electrolux Pure F9 FlexLift Cordless Vacuum - Indigo Blue

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With a bagless design, a 5-step filtration system, and multiple power levels, the Electrolux Pure F9 FlexLift Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a handy equipment for removing dust, pet dander, and airborne particles in your home. Simple and easy to use, it has +/- hand-operated and auto controls. Logo Thinking of You Product Hero

1 Stop, Pause, & Go Using the Electrolux Pure F9 vacuum’s Stop, Pause, & Go function, you get to simply pause its operation to tend to other tasks. When not in use, it can be parked upright, thanks to its self-standing design, so you get to easily continue where you left off.

2 Smart and Versatile This cordless vacuum cleaner has an Auto Function which automatically optimises its suction performance and airflow to adapt to the level of dirt and the surface you’re cleaning. For added flexibility in cleaning various surfaces, it comes with a 3-in-1 smart tool.

3 User-friendly Design To conveniently clean hard to reach areas, around furniture, and under the stairs, the Pure F9 vacuum has a low centre of gravity, a FlexLift sliding mechanism, LED nozzle lights, a telescopic tube, and a lightweight design. PrevNext12345678910 PURE F9 FLEXLIFT - INDIGO BLUE Designed for the way we live today.

A cordless that leaves your home clean with the performance of a traditional vacuum cleaner. Ergonomic design A perfect height for all, with the Pure F9's telescopic tube, the height can be adjusted to your comfort. With the unique sliding main unit & its low center of gravity the Pure F9 is light in hand and easy to maneuver, a perfectly balanced cleaner.

Auto Function Intelligent power and performance. With Pure F9's Auto Function the advanced electronics will automatically adjust the airflow and suction, to suit the surface you are cleaning & to optimize dust pickup.

Take a break - anywhere Stop, Pause & Go, with the Pure F9's self standing design, you can conveniently park the vacuum when needed in an upright position, ready to resume cleaning, when you are. Dust has nowhere to hide The nozzles super-bright led lights, highlights microscopic flecks of dust around your home, making them unmissable, and illuminating dusts dark hiding places underneath your furniture.

PrevNext1234 Features Auto function : Ensures effortless cleaning while automatically adjusting the power level to different types of floors. 5 Step filtration FlexLift sliding mechanism : Clean under low furniture easily and ergonomically, with excellent reach. Self standing LED nozzle lights Specifications Brand Electrolux Product Type Instant Model/Part number PF91-6EB Description Pure F9 FlexLift - Indigo Blue Bag/Bagless Bagless