Electrolux 90cm Gas Cooktop 5 Burner Black Glass

Electrolux 90cm Gas Cooktop 5 Burner Black Glass

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In an eye-catching yet minimalist black ceramic glass surface with dark metalised control knobs and burners, this Electrolux 90cm gas cooktop is as beautiful to look at as it is to work with. The EHG955BD has five burners adequately spaced out so you can stir-fry with ease on the powerful dual flame wok burner as you cook a side of rice and extra veggies on the two medium burners, sear steaks at a higher heat intensity on the large burner, and gently simmer sauces on the small burner. The Electrolux EHG955BD has flat cast iron trivets for stability, durability and ease of manoeuvring of pots and pans. Cooking space dilemmas are a thing of the past now that you can comfortably cook multiple meals at once with the ever-so-stylish Electrolux black ceramic gas cooktop.


Powerful 22 MJ/HR wok burner

Dual Flame control

Ceramic glass cooktop

Wok stand included

Metalised knob

Convenient electronic ignition

Flame Failure Safety Device

Stability with flat cast trivets

LP conversion kit included (must be installed by licensed tradesman)


Total product height (mm) - 55

Total product width (mm) - 900

Total product depth (mm) – 530

DOMESTIC WARRANTY details (yrs) – 2

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