CordZero A9 Pro Handstick Cleaner PACK - Wine

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Features: The LG CordZero A9 Pro Handstick Vacuum Cleaner has multiple operating modes, ample suction power, and several included accessories, making it a practical and versatile cleaning tool for busy, modern homes. Integrated with a 5-step filtration technology to provide optimum cleaning performance Comes with 5 motorised nozzles, including a Power Drive Mop, hard floor nozzle, and a multi-surface nozzle for cleaning different surfaces 3 power modes (Normal, Power, Turbo) and up to 140W of suction power (in Turbo Mode) let it easily adapt to varying cleaning requirements Can last up to 80 minutes (in Normal mode without an equipped Power Drive nozzle), thanks to an included dual powerpack Thumb touch control makes it easy to select power levels or turn it on/off What's in the Box: 1x Product Body 1x Extension Pipe 1x Multi-Surface Power Drive Nozzle 1x Charging Dock 2x Batteries 1x Crevice Tool 1x Combination Tool 1x Wall Mount Option 1x Floor Standing Option 1x Flexible Crevice Tool 1x Multi-Angle Tool 1x Hard Dirt Tool 1x Mattress Tool 1x Extendable Hose 1x Spare Pre-Filter (Green) 1x Power Drive Holder 2x General Pads 2x Stubborn Stains Pads 1x Water Jug