Case-Mate - Waterfall Street (Silver) - SAMSUNG Note 8 - Silver

Case-Mate - Waterfall Street (Silver) - SAMSUNG Note 8 - Silver

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Add a bit of fun to phone protection with the Case-Mate Waterfall Case Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

This clear, hardshell case features a snow globe-like design of cascading sparkles, funky shapes and tumbling glitter. This truly unique case features an enhanced dual layer of protection to guard your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 against bumps, scrapes and other everyday hazards. Stylish metallic button accents complete the design.

A waterfall of shimmering glitter.

Truly distinctive, this protective smartphone cover boasts clear liquid, sparkling shapes and glitter that flow in a waterfall motif down the back of the case. Scratch-resistant technology helps keep both your phone and the design looking fresh.

Two layers of protection.

The dual-layer, hard-shell composition is truly form fitting and provides easy access to the camera and buttons. Its lightweight, minimalist construction delivers a striking profile, while the impact-resistant hard shell and coordinating bumper protects against impact and falls.

Metallic button accents.

The flowing shapes-and-glitter design gets its finishing touches with sophisticated, metallic button accents.

NOTE: Case-Mate Waterfall cases are certified safe and NOT part of a recent product recall issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


  • Military strength impact protection (This case is certified to meet or exceed  MIL-STD-810G drop test standards)
  • Dual layer protection with a slim silhouette
  • Shock absorbing bumper
  • Anti-scratch technology
  • Refined metallic buttons
  • Contains a mineral oil to create the dynamic flowing glitter effect