90cm Gas on Glass Cooktop 5 Burner (Centre Wok)

90cm Gas on Glass Cooktop 5 Burner (Centre Wok)

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A black glass finish and stunning cast iron trivets give this gas cooktop the modern classic aesthetic to make any kitchen feel like home, with a host of innovative features to optimise functionality. KEY FEATURES WOK Burner: The high-powered wok burner comfortably fits your wok pans so you can effectively get that amazing sizzle for your stir frys. Flame Failure: For added safety, this gas cooktop features a flame failure device. This feature stops the supply of gas to the burners if the flame is extinguished. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 860 x 520 x 55mm Cut-Out Size: 830 x 490mm Burners: 5 Burner Range: 3.6 MJ/h to 108 MJ/h Power: 220-240V 50/60Hz Controls: Control Knobs Ignition: Electric Gas Type: NG or LPG Finish: Black Glass