HISENSE 85inch Q8 4K UHD Smart ULED TV

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Description of product

This Hisense 85inch Q8 4K UHD SMART ULED TV (85Q8) offers stunning 4K resolution for a truly immersive television experience. Precision Colour delivers over 1 billion unique colours for a more enhanced and accurate viewing experience, while Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range (HDR) gives you the potential to show a more realistic image when viewing HDR compatible content. Simply put your favourite bluetooth headphones in pairing mode and connect to your Hisense TV so you can enjoy your favourite TV show or movies without disturbing others that prefer a bit less noise.

Key features

Dolby Vision HDR

Dolby Vision HDR technology achieves an at home cinema experience by optimising every second of what you’re watching, adjusting brightness, colour and contrast automatically expanding the colour palette and contrast range, and uses dynamic metadata to automatically optimize what you’re watching — frame by frame.

Anti-Glare Screen

The anti-glare screen helps to prevent distracting reflections from sun and other sources of glare on your screen. The screen absorbs over 98% of incoming light. If you’re hoping to enjoy the latest show or movie on a sunny afternoon without the reflection of lights in the room, ULED anit-glare screen is the clear choice.

Powered By VIDAA 4

VIDAA 4 provides an unprecedented Smart TV experience thanks to its enhanced Artificial Intelligence, simplified interface and universal search functionality. Hisense continues to expand its virtual assistant compatibility with Amazon Alexa now fully built-in and Google Assistant ready via third party device.

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