60cm Warming Drawer w/ Foodsafe - Stainless Steel

60cm Warming Drawer w/ Foodsafe - Stainless Steel

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Keep plates warm until ready to serve; rapid proof or slow cook to perfection. Pair with an oven for matching Minimal design. KEY FEATURES Choose from six tailored functions including Rapid Proof, Dehydrate and Slow Cook. Cleaning and care of the Warming Drawer is simple. After each use, just wipe out the smooth glass interior with a damp cloth. Handle-free, push-to-open with capactive touch controls, our Warming Drawer gives you the freedom to keep plates or cups warm while you continue to cook. With fast and even heating, our warming drawer is great for keeping food warm and low temperature cooking, as well as resting after a traditional roast in the oven and proofing dough. With Automatic switch-off and Delayed start functionality, our warming drawers help keep dishes warm until it is time to serve the main meal. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Depth: 567mm Height: 140mm Width: 596mm WARRANTY Parts and labour: 2 years