60cm Induction Cooktop w/ 4 Cooking Zones - Black

60cm Induction Cooktop w/ 4 Cooking Zones - Black

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This Series 9 cooktop is a joy to use, with the instant response and energy efficiency of induction technology. KEY FEATURES Immediate heat response and extremely accurate temperature control Cooktop remains cool to touch until a pot or pan is placed on the surface Power Boost activates a very high heat, bringing liquid to boil in less than a minute Easily control each cook zone with Touch & Slide, including pairing cook zones to create a large SmartZone. Go from a boil to a simmer in seconds. Touch & Slide controls react immediately when you adjust the temperature so you don t waste time in the kitchen. SPECIFICATIONS Height: 54mm Width: 600mm Depth: 530mm ACCESSORIES Joiner kit: Part 534731 (required to join two cooktops) POWER REQUIREMENTS Amperage: 30A Supply voltage: 220 - 240V WARRANTY Parts and labour: 2 years